Our Cuisine

The flavors of the local cuisine, with homemade pasta, flatbread, grilled meat, and delicious side dishes are the norm at the Locanda. All this topped with an authentic Sangiovese di Romagna.


At the Inn you will find the traditional local cuisine paired with local dishes elaborated, emphasizing tradition, authenticity and refinement. Passion, curiosity and a strong gastronomic culture are the basis of our cuisine.

Our Chef Giuseppe Russo together with his collaborator Josef Bamert, Simone Marini and Alessia Rampiconi will have the pleasure to pamper you with delicious recipes properly cooked according to seasonal products and availability of fresh raw materials. At the Locanda you will also find fresh pasta and homemade flatbread, both pull the rolling pin rediscovering the old local tradition

The raw materials, in very good part from our farm, such as fruits and vegetables, meat and wine are of the highest quality, authenticity and freshness. Our chefs love to delight customers personally preparing delicious jams, mustards tasty, wholesome pickles, pickles, tomato sauce, walnut liqueur, lemon verbena and last but not least the delicious juices for breakfast with small tarts, donuts and pastries exclusively homemade.

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