Homemade and "Km 0" products at the Inn. Sangiovese di Romagna, Olive oil, pasta, flat bread, jams, and many other products made ​​by hand according to the local tradition.


The origin of our quality is in the domestic production of our farm and the "Km 0" products. By purchasing "Km 0" products, the Locanda guarantees a good quality/price ratio and helps to support local producers. You can continue your "journey" to discover the flavors of good taste and gastronomic culture of Romagna even on your table by purchasing our homemade products. Several products are "homemade" at the Inn:


  • The wine, a Sangiovese IGT  and a Chardonnay Igt from the vineyards of our farm
  • Spicy meats, produced by us and seasoned in Langhirano
  • The citron and limoncello, the tasty biscuits, pies and donuts retrieved with love from recipes of "azdore" 
  • Jams and composed of various types, produced with our fruit 
  • "Savòr", a true delight derived from the must of our grapes 
  • Pickles of various kinds, products with vegetables from our garden 
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil obtained by cold pressing of our olives
  • Ice Cream 


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