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Stamperia Marchi

Stamperia Marchi

"Wheel Mangle" made of wood and stones which dates from the 17th century.
Do not miss a visit to one of the oldest workshops of Romagna, located in the heart of Santarcangelo di Romagna.


Inside the workshop there is the whole decorative heritage of our country, which is still visible in the canvas printed by hand. Since 1633 an ancient wheel Mangle is guarded.  In terms of weight and size, it is the only one of its kind, still existing in the world. The canvas is decorated using molds made of pear wood carved by hand. The color, was originally obtained only by iron rust, red, blue and green minerals. We advise you to explore every corner of the workshop, browse around the many objects collected by Mr. Marchi, old prints, postcards, books that take you back in time to the discovery of a forgotten past. More info here.

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