Winter menù

Winter menù

Chef Giuseppe Russo presents the winter menu'



Traditional appetizer of the Inn                                                                  

Tenderloin petals marinated in Cervia salt, aromatic herbs and sweet-and-sour vegetables 

Duck breast cooked at a low temperature with an orange salad, coriander pan brioches and caramelised grapes

Porcini mushroom and potato tartlet with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese sauce

Vegetable strudel with filo pastry on a light ricotta cheese fondue

Aubergine and Grotta pecorino cheese sandwich in a walnut batter 

with an aromatic salad and pepper compote Polenta flan with fontina cheese centre, mushroom soup and crisp onion

The croutons of "Antiche Macine" 


Tagliatelle with ancient ragout 

Strozzapreti pasta with Roman broccoli, fresh tomato sauce and aromatic bread

Ravioli filled with porcini mushrooms served with duck sauce

Salted passatelli pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes, cabbage and sausage

Cappellacci filled with truffle and stracchino cheese served with butter, smoky pancetta and potatoes

Pear and cheese rolls with taleggio cheese sauce and crispy cockerel in marsala

Durum wheat semolina pappardella pasta with a pioppini mushroom and hare sauce

Quadrelli pasta stuffed with lamb and thyme with a fossa pecorino cheese and balsamic vinegar reduction

Mixed meat grill with rosemary potatoes

Roasted suckling pig with wild fennel, pavè potatoes and braised cabbage

Grilled cockerel with aromatic salt, toasted Taragna polenta and fried white turnip

Beef jowl braised in red wine with pumpkin puree 

Fried lamp chops with almond crust, wild herbs and breaded primosale cheese

Grilled caciotta cheese with seasonal vegetables and Romagnola mostarda 

Chestnut and guinea fowl roll with Jerusalem artichoke and 

potato purée and smoked scamorza cheese and courgette flan

Sliced fillet of steak with porcini mushrooms, grana cheese shavings and crunchy goletta jowl bacon

Sliced Romagnola PGI beef with coarse salt and rosemary

The Inn’s Fillet Steak (Served With Green Pepper Or Balsamic Vinegar Or Grilled)  

Florentine T-Bone Steak With Cervia’s Sweet Salt (price per 100 g) 

Beef Sirloin (price per 100 g) 


The dry pastries of the Inn

Vanilla crème brûlée with coffee ice cream

Tiramisù della locanda 

Panna cotta with custard sauce, sbrisolona crunchy tart and amaretto ice cream

Semifreddo with croccante and Callebaut chocolate sauce

Millefeuille with Tonka bean Chantilly cream and red fruit sauce


Children’s Menu

Tagliatelle with ancient ragout 

Chicken cutlet with chips


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