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Sogliano Al Rubicone

The resort is known for the production of a particular type of cheese matured in old was from corn, Malatesta origin, also known as "formaggio di fossa".

The original name of the town seems to derive from that of the "Fundus Solliani", original name of the area on which stands the City of Sogliano the Rubicon. This fund belonged to the Roman gens Cornelia of Sulla familia, partly resident in Rimini. Of that gens it is descended the family of Silighini, whose home in 1144 has the name of "Castrum Sulliani" and in September 1233 was sworn in Rimini (the Calbana oath). The late eighteenth century the Silighini moving into the territory of Montetiffi Ville, where Sebastian worked as a lawyer, and where he is still the residence of the family. The family crest has two ears of golden wheat on white intertwined.
less reliable sources attribute the origin of the name Sogliano ancient custom of worshiping the pagan god Janus.

Sogliano castle in the medieval period was the Malatesta of Rimini, on which exercised their most enduring domain. In fact, the Malatesta ruled the Sogliano territory until 1640, when it passed to the Papal States. The Malatesta castle that once stood at the highest point of the country, was finally destroyed in the nineteenth century by resolution of the council, who realized at that place a large square in order to promote the important agricultural market function assumed by town.

In the early years of the twentieth century, they studied, and stayed in the local convent of the Augustinian sisters of the poet Giovanni Pascoli, who was deeply attached to the place and to which he dedicated several poems.

In the years 1950-1970, the town experienced its darkest moment; as a result of the strong economic development of the plain, its population was reduced by two thirds in the short period of twenty years.

Since the eighties, the city has found cause for economic development in the revival of the production of aged cheese (which in fact never ceased since Malatesta period), a typical product of the place known throughout the world.
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