Why Local Products

Why Local Products

By purchasing products "Km 0" Locanda Antiche Macine guarantees a good quality / price ratio and helps to support local producers.

Why the Locanda has chosen for you the "Km 0":



  • It costs less: because the goods to reach the consumer does not have to be transported, packaged and placed on a shelf. These are steps that increase the price of products, and at the end you're paying! 


  • It's sustainable: choosing the products at zero distance you also save the environment:  
    • - CO2 because the products should not be carried away.  
    • - Water and energy processes of washing and packaging.   
    • - Plastic and cardboard packaging.   


  • The products are fresher: In the Inn only seasonal products are processed, naturally fresh without preservatives!   


  • You can visit the manufacturer and have more control over the product: You can have a good time on the farm with friends and relatives watching closely the products you buy and their production, rarely a purchase can be so transparent!   


  • You will rediscover the smells and tastes of the different seasons: Every season is different for the palate, the sight and smell: rediscover the flavors of the products that are born and grow as nature intended!


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